Other Work

As well as Naval historical adventures, I also write science fiction, alternate history and other more speculative work. Variety is the spice of life, and all that.

The Frost Fair – Book One of The Northumberland Codex

England, 1739.

London is the second city of the Habsburg dominion. Clockwork airships ply the skies, holding together an Empire that sprawls from North Africa to the Low Countries, across swathes of the German lands to the New World. While scientific discovery props up the Empire, superstition still dominates and not everyone is happy to see these technological wonders in the sky.

When dark forces destroy the ‘Majestic Maria’ skyship on her maiden voyage over London, its designer – Professor Benedict Hawthorn – is plunged into a dangerous, shadowy world. Condemned by the Inquisition, harried on all sides and stalked by an assassin, Benedict is not without resources and allies. The enigmatic spymaster Arthur Melbury, Captain Heneage Grimley, and the unconventional Agueda Santiago will risk everything to clear his name and unmask the true perpetrators.

What they learn will lead them deep into the mystery of the Northumberland Codex.

This is the first book in an exciting new baroque punk series. Where steampunk imagines a retrofuturistic world where technology and aesthetics are influenced by the Victorian period, baroque punk presents a world where technology has advanced more rapidly and humanity has taken to the skies by the early eighteenth century. It is a very different world with a different history to our own.

It is the world of the Northumberland Codex.

The Sam Cane Series

Sam Cane’s just looking for a quiet life, out on the edge of human settlement. She’s hiding from past mistakes and the enemies she’s made. Out on the fringe, though, she’ll discover that what you’re running from isn’t always what will try to kill you…

The Cane’s Laws Series

Sam’s survived, by the skin of her teeth. She isn’t running anymore, determined to take the fight to the enemy. It isn’t like her at all, but there’s nobody else to do it. Her rules for life have kept her going so far, but will they see her through?

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