Tim Chant is an exciting new naval fiction author who specialises in nineteenth and twentieth century historical fiction.

Tim Chant grew up (after a fashion) and went to school in deepest darkest rural Lincolnshire, followed by university in Scotland. After pitching up in Edinburgh with a History degree and no plan, he ended up in the Civil Service and currently works on environmental policy. When not shackled to his work desk, he writes, roleplays, wargames and very occasionally indulges in historical fencing.

Reading and story-telling have always been a big part of his life. Having grown up on a diet of classic naval and other historical adventures and with a passion for history, writing historical fiction was perhaps inevitable. He lives in Edinburgh with his partner and their two rabbits.


The Straits of Tsushima

Marcus Baxter, fallen on hard times since being thrown out of the Royal Navy, never imagined he’d get drawn into the murky world of intelligence work or that he would end up on an epic 18,000-mile journey to the other side of the world and war with Japan. As the Russian ships head for what will be the largest and most decisive battle of the pre-Dreadnought period, Baxter finds himself drawn more deeply into their world and fascinated by the people he meets along the way.

Image credit: Drachinifel, Personal Collection